Charitable Gift Annuities

A charitable gift annuity may be issued to a donor who irrevocably transfers property or cash to a qualifying charity. As part of the exchange, the donor receives a promised payment from the charity in the form of a lifetime annuity.

Tax Benefits

Up to 100% of the amount of the donation may be deducted from the donor's taxable income subject to certain limitations and depending upon the nature of the donation.

Where appreciated property (subject to long-term capital gain treatment) is donated, the deduction would be limited to 30% of Adjusted Gross Income. (Refer to your tax advisor for specific tax information and advice applicable to your individual situation.)

Additional Benefits

The amounts donated to the charity are outside the estate of the donor and not subject to his or her creditors.

The irrevocable donation to the charity becomes part of the charity's assets. Therefore, the entire assets of the charity serve to guarantee the annuity payments to the donor regardless of the investment performance actually experienced by the underlying investment.

The donor receives personal satisfaction from the knowledge that the donation made will ultimately benefit a selected worthy cause. In the meantime, the donor can take comfort from the fact that he or she will never outlive the lifetime income promised.